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e-SupplyLink is dedicated to providing clients premium software focused on optimizing the shipping process to be as efficient as possible and eliminate human-error. Since 1999, e-SupplyLink has been a leader in the supply chain services field. We are devoted to developing, providing, implementing and supporting supply chain systems. Our team provides exceptional supply chain technology, serving businesses across the world. We stay focused on our clients' needs, helping them adapt to the ever-changing world of supply chain compliance. Headquartered in Traverse City, Mich we specialize in retail, automotive and pharmaceutical shipping software, and

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Bill Duncan
Bill Duncan
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Todd LaBonte
Todd LaBonte
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Norm Whiteside
Sales Manager

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  • Justin Alderman
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National Take Back Day 2018

The next National Take Back Day is Oct. 27, 2018! June is National Safety Month, but we’re not talking big machinery safety. We’re talking about the safety of our health. Twice a year the Drug Enforcement Administration sponsors National Take Back Day. They partner with law enforcement and various pharmacies within communities to provide ways […]

Sears Closing 72 Stores in the Near Future

Sears Holdings announced this week that they have identified one hundred additional stores that continue to be unprofitable. Representatives of the company say they are not liquidating just for the sake of liquidating, instead their plan is to get capital in order to fulfill pensions for their employees. The department store chain has found themselves […]

Workforce Domination: Millennials and Supply Chain Management

Millennials are quickly taking over the workforce. The Governance Studies at Brookings predicts that by 2025, 75 percent of the workforce will be millennials. So, what will become of the supply chain in the millennial workforce? A study done at the close of 2017 by the Council of Supply Chain Management Professional found striking results […]