e-SupplyLink is dedicated to providing clients premium software focused on optimizing the shipping process to be as efficient as possible and eliminate human-error. Since 1999, e-SupplyLink has been a leader in the supply chain services field. We are devoted to developing, providing, implementing and supporting supply chain systems. Our team provides exceptional supply chain technology, serving businesses across the world. We stay focused on our clients’ needs, helping them adapt to the ever-changing world of supply chain compliance.

Headquartered in Traverse City, Mich we specialize in retail, automotive and pharmaceutical shipping software, and suspicious order monitoring software. Our range of solutions is superior for providing the integration and supply chain development platforms that any type or size of company would need. We provide technical support, supply chain consulting, hardware, programming and a help desk for small to large companies worldwide.

We’re Unique in Many Ways

We design, develop and support our solutions as well as many other solutions in the marketplace. We think outside the box when providing solutions with regard to EDI concerns. Our services help suppliers, retailers, distributors, manufacturers and many others with supply chain needs. We bring performance enhancing tools and support to increase your business’s efficiency.

We’re a Seasoned Company

Being in the supply chain business for almost 20 years has put us at the front-line of technology’s exponential growth. We are always updating our software to meet today’s demands helping shape supply chain management over the years. We’ve seen it all and will continue to evolve our software to meet market demands. 

Your Success is our Goal

We believe your success is our success. We deliver a core set of programs, services and technical support. This positions us as long-term partners, which ensures satisfaction. Developing a permanent solution creates a robust environment for your company. You’ll have the flexibility to adapt to new technologies without missing opportunities. With this, your business can create a steady base of valuable solutions.

In it for the Long Run

By nurturing close relationships with our clients, we provide solutions quicker and more effectively than our competitors. Knowing our customers needs, systems and desires puts you in the driver seat staying ahead of the competition