Complylink  Automotive

Easy shipping to over 300 different trading partners including GM, Ford, BMW, John Deere, Nissan,  and many more.

Our solutions will save time, increase  accuracy, and reduce chargebacks. ComplyLink offers automated packing, labeling, and shipping software integrated with EDI platforms as well as many common Financial/ERP Order Management platforms.

The ComplyLink interface significantly reduces data entry time by packing orders with simple look-up tables and click-through screens. ComplyLink prints B-10 PDF417 bar code shipping, labels real-time at the item, carton and pallet level, and generates accurate 856 Advance Ship Notices.

 Integration to EDI / back office

⋅ EDI(830, 862, 856, DELJIT, DESDV, DELFOR, etc)
⋅ Financial / ERP, warehouse management systems



Order Management

⋅ CUM Management
⋅ Routines for Lot # and Expiration Date



⋅ Bill of Lading
⋅ Manifest
⋅ Packing List



⋅ ASN Creation

ComplyLink for Automotive Suppliers

⋅ Ford Scan App
⋅ Nissan RAN requirements
⋅ GM – 2D label



⋅ Scan To Verify and more
⋅ Device Independent routines
⋅ Conveyor Line Integration
⋅ Custom Scan Routines

Packing Process

⋅ Container, Master, and Mixed
⋅ Scan to Print B-10, PDF417, 1D, 2D
⋅ Scan to Create Accurate (856, DESADV) Advance Ship Notice
⋅ Scan to Verify Shipment, Advance Ship Notice