Bed, Bath & Beyond/FedEx Integration

Our “Single Label Solution”

Our Bed, Bath & Beyond integration with FedEx eliminates the need for two shipping labels. The “single label solution” by ComplyLink automatically creates a single label with a FedEx shipping barcode and a GS1-128 label. 

Manually entering shipping labels is labor intensive and subject to errors, which results in missed shipments, order cancellations and chargebacks. Our automated process reduces time to by 80 percent. Suppliers using electronic date interchange web forms and translators often manually enter large amounts of data to print GS1-128 shipping labels and to create 856 advance shipping notices.

Features of Automated Processing: 

One shipping label per carton replaces two
Reduce cost, increase accuracy and throughput
Automated pack, print, ship process

Suppliers using ComplyLink automated pack, print and ship software with Bed, Bath & Beyond ASN kit can upgrade to the Bed, Bath & Beyond Integration version. Installation, setup, first year annual maintenance and technical support are detailed in our authorized quote by request. We license ComplyLink separately and integrate it with any EDI translator/VAN and many Financial/ERPs. ComplyLink supports more than 200 EDI trading Partner ASN and label requirements. Our product also supports several scan-to-pack, scan-to-print, scan-to-verify routines, as well as many options for creating packing lists, invoices, VICS Bill of Lading Shipment Results, and custom reports.


Automated Single Label                                                         

• Creates one combined FedEx-GS1-128 label per carton with ComplyLink ASN software enhancement and FedEx/BBB “Single Label Solution.”

• ComplyLink creates an integration file that enables Ship Manager to print labels on FedEx Visibility for the  SSCC18 serialized container ID and generates accurate 856 ASN information for transfer to EDI trading partners.

Manual Double Label

• Creates two shipping labels for each carton – the GS1-128 label and the FedEx shipping label.

• Print the labels and match the pairs to each carton. Manually enter each 20 Digit SSCC18 number in the correct field in FedEx Ship Manager for each carton and send