SerializeNow! Pharmaceutical

Streamline tedious workflow by eliminating costly multiple labeling and manual task.

Complying with Title II of the U.S. Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) is no longer an option. Pharmaceutical Manufacturers need to be ready to meet existing Federal Regulations.  e-SupplyLink introduced SerializeNow! to meet these requirements for new tasks, processes and reporting.

While on the surface these requirements seem easy but modifying existing enterprise systems take time, even months. Let e-SupplyLink be your solution to complying. SerializeNow! provides a collection of applications to assist with DSCSA requirements.

SerializeNow! e-SupplyLink’s fourth generation serialization product provides tools for DSCSA compliance. We, having over 15 years experience in the industry, are aware of the needs companies have to comply with Serialization. Building the SerializeNow! platform creates a solution device which is independent, extendable and scalable; meeting the needs of e-SupplyLink’s customers.

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SerializeNow!: ProductTrace
DSCSA Requirement Deadline by:

⋅ Jan 1, 2015 – For Manufacturers, Repackagers, Distributors

⋅ July 1, 2015 – For Prescribers

SerializeNow!: ProductTrace

Allows for specification, lot-level product tracing, transaction information, history and statement. ProductTrace is a platform that combines product receipt, item, vendor and shipping data with a customized workflow process.

It integrates and leverages current WMS, EDI, ASN, EPICS creation, and Receiving Systems to address the 2013 DSCSA requirements.

SerializeNow! Site (L2) and Line (L1)
Level Serialization
DSCSA Requirement Deadline by:

⋅ By Late 2017 –  For Manufacturers

⋅ By Early 2018 – For Repackagers

SerializeNow!: Site

Manages site level components such as serial number, line level entries, and epics repository.

SerializeNow!: Line

The SerializeNow suite is perfect for the pharmaceutical industry. Current hardware investment can be leveraged. a flexible configurable. Compliant with all serialization and aggregation requirements.