Integration with third party software is a key focus of ours when we develop our software. Investments made with electronic data interchange (EDI) can be linked with NetSuite, QuickBooks and other financial ERP’s. With e-SupplyLink’s single label entry, orders, invoices and advance shipping notices can be integrated with ease.


The major benefits of EDI are speed and accuracy:

⋅ Produce translations in a matter of minutes rather than days

⋅ Improve data quality and reduce translation error 20-40% by eliminating human inaccuracy.

⋅ Strengthen business partnerships by reducing order-to-cash cycle time by a minimum of 20%.

The increase in business efficiency creates another major advantage with EDI Integration:

⋅ With automated data entry there are few orders cancelled or rewritten and less stock outs.

⋅ Reduce or eliminate Data Entry expenses, (increase throughput and increase quality).

⋅ Reduce processing time from hours & days to minutes.

⋅ Savings occur by eliminating paper cost (printing, reproduction, storage, filing, postage and document retrieval).

⋅ Dramatically reduce order cost from approximately $38 to $1.35 per order.

⋅ With automatic entry errors caused by illegible faxes, lost orders or incorrectly taken phone orders are done away with.