Our ComplyLink supply chain software was created to automate the packing, labeling and shipping process for manufacturers and distributors. ComplyLink saves time, increases accuracy and reduces chargebacks. Scanning routines with ComplyLink automatically collect shipping data eliminating, or significantly reducing, the need to manually enter order data. All the required data is put onto one shipping label. Scanning the label pulls up the quantity, contents and other information onto the computer.

ComplyLink prints real-time labels at the item, carton, or pallet level generating 856 advanced shipping notices to send to the retailer. ComplyLink supports several scanning and packing processes for retail, automotive, or pharmaceutical suppliers. We work with our clients to customize the software to meet their needs. Working with industry leaders in supply chain technologies allows us to create the right tools and smart solutions. ComplyLink seamlessly integrates with leading technology organizations like Altova, GXS, IBM Sterling, Intuit, Salesforce and SAP.



We work with more than 300 trading partners including Bed, Bath & Beyond, JCPenny, Cabela’s, Kohls and AAFES to ensure our software meets their regulations. ComplyLink is an automated B2B shipping software installed on the supplier’s server, and integrates with any EDI translator and financial ERP.

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Our software provides easy shipping to automakers including GM, Ford, BMW, John Deere and Nissan. We program our software to meet regulations required by big automakers like Ford, the Nissan RAN requirements and GM-2D labeling. Our program catches redundancies, and suppliers avoid fines for inaccurate reporting and shipping.


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ComplyLink provides easy shipping to different trading partners including McKesson and Cardinal Health. Our software helps streamline tedious workflow by eliminating manual data entry and multiple labeling costs. We programmed our software to capture lot numbers and expiration dates to comply with the drug supply chain security act put in place by the FDA.


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