celebrating 20 years

We Are e-SupplyLink

2019 marks 20 years of business for us!


A Message From Our CEO

20 Years in the Supply Chain World!

Looking back, 20 years has flown by for us! Two decades in the supply chain market brought a constant change in industry demands for us. Our story began back in 1996 when EDI consulting firm, Smart Solutions created the turn-key retail B2B shipping package called SmartASN and truly transformed the industry. In early 1997, Harbinger Corp. and SupplyTech liked it so much, they moved to acquire Smart Solutions and Harbinger Corp. made SmartASN, later known by ESRS, into a featured product and sold for the next three years. e-SupplyLink was found in December of 1999 through the purchase of ESRS, ST Bar and ST Scan solutions which were consolidated into ComplyLink. Since 1999 we have continuously adapted to the industry with our software and remained an independent company, which allows us to be more flexible with our services and cater to our customers’ needs.

Today, ComplyLink supports complex integrations for trading partners like Honda, Nissan, Bed Bath & Beyond, Macy’s and many others. We also integrate with existing ERP systems and EDI translators that resolve certain complex shipping requirements. All these solutions were inspired out of needs from our clients. We’ve seen trading partners’ requirements change drastically, especially as direct-to-consumer shipping becomes more prominent. We’ve received calls from clients who saw their trading partner list expand and needed a new kit. I have dedicated my work these last 20 years to ensure the success of ComplyLink is tied to the success of our clients.

Back in 2008, a pharmaceutical company that was a manufacturer, a re-packager and a distributor had approached us to create a software that regulated prescription orders according to the Drug Enforcement Administration’s regulations and the Drug Supply Chain Security Act. We submitted a bid for the project and beat out two large companies for the deal. SOMLink is a valuable tool for finding legitimate pharma supply chains and weeding out the bad actors – i.e. pill mills and other grey markets. We are extremely proud to be working to stop the diversion of illegal narcotics. And now we’re pleased to be working in a partnership with The Pharma Compliance Group to offer a holistic suspicious order monitoring solution for our current and future clients.

The technological evolvement since 1999 for supply chains has really surpassed some of my expectations. A lot of products that were modern and fresh in the 90s have now been replaced with a new generation. The old generation is fading and the new tools are rushing in to expand deeper in the industry.

The next 20 years can bring many different opportunities to e-SupplyLink depending on how the industry needs us. We’re very excited to see where out software, or parts of it, is needed next! We are, however, committed to delivering successful solutions within the supply chain we support. I will be curious to watch, too, artificial intelligence become a part of the integration process as it gains popularity across the board.

Who knows what the next 20 years are going to bring or even the next 20 weeks. Technology has expanded so much and so quickly it’s difficult to predict exactly. But I can assure you e-SupplyLink will be there to witness it all.

-Todd J. LaBonte