We have the suspicious order monitoring software you need to reduce risk with the Drug Enforcement Administration regulations.

The DEA’s enforcement of suspicious order monitoring and the “Know Your Customer” policy requires companies have a suspicious order monitoring software in place. Our experts developed one-of-a-kind suspicious order monitoring software able to integrate into existing order management systems. This software allows administration to identify, locate, suspend and investigate orders of interest. The accessible web-based dashboard provides intuitive graphic assistance to pended orders to accelerate investigations.

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SOMLink in Action

Seamless Integration

SOMLink integrates with suppliers' existing financial/ERP order management system via XML. This integration allows SOMLink to view all orders, apply multiple algorithm testing, flag orders of interest and maintain a permanent record of verification activities.

Automatic Notifications

Notifications of flagged orders come to administration via email and include why they were flagged as orders of interest. Once administration is alerted, these suspicious orders are immediately pulled to be investigated per the DEA's standard operating procedures.

Permanent Database

SOMLink has a built in repository that keeps records of order size, frequency and pattern, and stores information if an order is flagged. This information cannot be altered or deleted, but allows for manual notes to be added. The final disposition of flagged orders is also kept here.

Automatic Regulation

SOMLink helps to automate order monitoring processes, which reduces order fulfillment times and eliminates human-prone errors. Using a computer to manage high-volume order transactions is the only viable, cost-effective method for reporting suspicious orders.

SOMLink helps companies comply with DEA regulations

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