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Our strategic partnership with The Pharma Compliance Group allows us to form a holistic suspicious order monitoring solution for current and future clients. Combining our companies being 46 years of experience in the DEA regulations and supply chain technology field. The Pharma Compliance Group is composed of former DEA consultants who know the ins and outs of pharmaceutical compliance.

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The Pharma Compliance Group specializes in many areas in the pharmaceutical industry. They provide consulting and auditing services to pharmaceutical manufacturers and distributors, pharmacies, and healthcare providers. Below is one area of focus for PCG and DEA compliance.

About The Pharma Compliance Group:

The Pharma Compliance Group is made up of former DEA Special Agents, Diversion Investigators and private security experts providing specialized consultation, compliance, and field services to the pharmaceutical industry. Their team members have extensive experience conducting regulatory inspections, evaluations and investigations for DEA registered entities. PCG’s staff is committed to providing the pharmaceutical industry with the expertise needed to maintain effective compliance with the Controlled Substances Act and the regulations contained in the Code of Federal Regulations.