Early Adopters for SOMLink

When the Drug Enforcement Administration made it known that suspicious order monitoring software is a necessity, many pharmaceutical manufacturers weren’t sure where to start. In 2008 e-SupplyLink began building SOMLink with the goal of making DEA compliance easier for manufacturers and distributors. This software was the first of its kind when it came to market in 2010. It has helped our early adopters for SOM create new practices for supply chains.

Early Adopter #1

2010 – North America’s leading manufacturer in quality, safety and productivity adopted the original SOMLink and beta test site in order to avoid fines. Our client runs all daily orders from their Ross Enterprise ERP system through SOMLink. They average 1,500 orders per day and 15 lines per order for over-the-counter, prescriptions and CS II-V drugs.

Early Adopter #2

2011 – Large multi-national pharmaceutical manufacturer with locations in New York, the eastern United States and India integrated SOMLink with their JD Edwards ERP/financial system to process approximately 50 orders per day, averaging 3 to 5 items per order.

Early Adopter #3 

2011 – Large, privately owned wholesale distributor located in the central-southern part of the U.S. They supply large pharmacy chains and thousands of independents, hospitals, clinics and long-term care facilities. SOMLink integrates into their custom AS400 order management system to process pharmaceutical orders.

Early Adopter #4

2011 – Mid-size cooperative pharmaceutical buying group located in the central-southern United States supplying hundreds of regional independent pharmacies. SOMLink integrates with their ASW-IBS order management system to process more than 10,000 order lines daily/.

Early Adopter #5

2011 – Large midwest-based, multi-location enterprise pharmaceutical distributor and 3PL providing order fulfillment for dozens of regional distributors. SOMLink intgrates with Adage ERP system with their annual income exceeding $9 billion.

Early Adopters for SOM

Since 2010, we have continued to develop our software to ensure it is up to date with all regulations and policies. We work with DEA advisers so we can be successful on delivering our promise to our clients. SOMLink instills confidence in orders so you never have to worry about being at risk of fines from the Drug Enforcement Administration.



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Date published

October 23, 2018